Achieving success together

Our Webinar - Know Your Numbers

Watch this webinar (9 June 2021) from Penny and Jonathan Rowden in conjunction with the Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 

Attendees learnt why producing and interpreting key reports drives business success and how,  “Identifying where you can make small improvements can have a huge impact on your gross profit.” 

These reports - Trading Account, P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity, Director Current Account and Fixed Asset Register, if produced regularly, will drive best practice through your business. We can show you how to make improvements to your profit and cashflow to, “Create a stronger, more resilient business.”

Our Webinar - Get Back to Business

Watch this webinar (5 May 2021) from Penny Rowden in conjunction with the Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 

Penny shared with attendees an overview of the key activities businesses should undertake - now is a great time to reflect, review and revisit your business plan.

“What we say 'Yes' to defines what we can say 'No' to.”

Focus on what you can control and embrace change applying the 5 A’s of Change - Awareness, Acceptance, Action, Accountability and Acknowledgement.

“The more we all support each other, the better we will all do.”

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