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COVID-19 - guidance & resources

It is financially uncertain times for businesses at the moment but don't worry, we'll keep delivering deadline work as usual and the team is working from home to support our clients. 

We've set up a dedicated web page with guidance, advice and useful links. It will be kept updated, so please visit regularly for the latest information.

Following Government advice, we will no longer be offering face to face meetings but are very happy to have online video meetings with you via Zoom - contact us via email or the office number 01243 776088 as usual. Jonathan (Rowden) - mobile 07786 708759 - will also be available after business hours or at weekends.  

We are publishing the latest advice and guidance on our Blog section. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other concerns or issues.
Wishing you and your families all the very best in these difficult circumstances.

The Rowdens Team

Beware of Scammers

Please be aware of texts or emails claiming to be from HMRC. 

The Metropolitan Police has warned of scammers sending texts claiming to be from HMRC. Unless 100% verified, do not click on links that are included in a text or email.

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We are an established accountancy practice trusted by long standing clients to deliver year round advice. This committed and proactive approach means that as a client, you can confidently relinquish many of the more onerous tasks of running your business. It allows you to focus on the task in hand; driving your business forward. It's a goal we also share - taking businesses as far as they can go.

Why choose us?

We're forward-thinking and diligent. We'll highlight areas that need attention before they become problematic and deal quickly and efficiently with the work that is required of us. Always there in the background ensuring that whenever you call, the response will bring clarity and comfort, not confusion.

Cartoon by Neil Kerber of Private Eye

Cartoon by Neil Kerber of Private Eye

If you're in need of a financial steer from a team of approachable and friendly accounting professionals, we're the people for you. Why not call us today to arrange an initial chat? We can talk through your options and work out a monthly pricing plan to suit your needs.
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