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Satago integration with Xero

Financing business and managing cashflow

Satago is a 'forward-thinking cash management for businesses' enabling the financing and the management of cashflow on one platform. One of the reasons we like it is because it comes with automated payment reminders and credit risk analysis - of huge benefit to the business owners we work with.

Key features include:

Risk insights

Satago offers several risk analysis tools that aid the evaluation of a business' new and existing customers. This includes risk bands, average payment times and suggested credit limits and thereby informs business owners who they should partner with.

Credit control

Satago has easy to use functionality enabling the automation of invoice reminders, monthly statements and thank you emails. Messages are fully customisable and can be scheduled for individual clients - enabling business owners to keep in regular contact and encourage better payment habits. 

Flexible finance

As stated on the Satago website, unexpected bills or a large stock orders can be fulfilled via a fast cash advance using single invoice finance. One or multiple invoices can be financed with clear pricing and no minimum commitment.

Customisable notifications

Custom alerts are simple to set up and notifications are served once clients' credit scores change, a payment becomes overdue or an invoice becomes eligible for finance. There is no reason to be out of date with a notes feature available for each client account. 

Satago integrates with Xero in a few clicks to fully automate your accounts receivable process and flag invoices eligible for financing.

Cover cashflow gaps, manage debtors and predict credit risks all in one easy-to-use product.

Satago integrates with Xero to help you get paid faster, avoid risk and cover cash gaps when you need to.

What are the benefits of using Satago?

As mentioned above, Satago has many benefits but we applaud the risk analysis tools, credit control functionality, the flexible finance feature plus the customisable notifications. This user-friendly package means businesses can cover cashflow gaps, manage debtors and predict credit risks - all in one place.

Integration with Xero

Satago integrates with Xero to help business owners paid faster, avoid risk and cover cash gaps when needed. The integration is done in a few clicks allowing a fully automated accounts receivable process.

User friendly

One stop shop for risk analysis and credit control

Improved cashflow

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Satago and Xero integration.