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Introducing Crezco and why we love it


Crezco is an open banking payment solution that integrates with Xero and enables users to make free online invoice payments up to £1,000,000. The process is seamless and since the account-to-account payments do not incur card fees or chargebacks, you save money and time and your customers have the comfort of a completely secure process. 

Just think how much time and money you could save by enabling your customers to make instant online bank transfers! Who doesn’t want to get paid faster and improve business cashflow?

As we’ve already mentioned, the process is simple and easy. Payment links can be embedded directly into your accounting software with the added bonus of there being no chance of human error. You then benefit from instant bank transfers and seamless reconciliation functionality and life is easier all round. 

So how does Crezco work with Xero?

Crezco securely connects with Xero as your chosen payment solution. Its functionality allows it to read and update information such as recognising the amount due on the invoice which is then duplicated on the subsequent checkout page. Once the transaction has been completed, Crezco will flag the invoice as paid. In Xero, the appropriate account will then record the payment and all is reconciled instantly. It really is the perfect checkout solution.

We already have one happy client

“Now installed!  Thank you and I love you sharing this stuff with us - it makes us look bleeding edge!”

The Rowdens team is already endorsing and recommending Crezco to clients; many of whom are looking for simple, easy payment solutions. Removing barriers to the payment process will always mean that you get paid quicker and your cashflow improves. We also love the fact that the mobile experience is slick too!

Please get in touch if you would like to know more and the video below explains how Xero works with Crezco.