OK, listen up hoomans - this is important. Back in March, I wrote my Blog from the Dog - new VAT rules for the construction industry.  In it, I gave you the heads up on the VAT changes coming into effect from 1 October that will impact construction businesses. Now,...
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Another “WTF!” overheard in the office of Rowdens relating to construction clients While I was sitting under the desks, dreaming of chasing rabbits, I overheard another WTF comment, “where’s the fat”…I must admit, I’m a little shamefaced about words involv...
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The first Blog from the Dog! I’m Lyra the office dog, part of the team at Rowdens Chartered Accountants. In the business world, there is a saying “Don’t let the tax tail wag the dog” and at Rowdens, we take this very seriously. As the office dog and the only on...
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