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2022 - time to reflect and reset

Our first blog of 2023 covered goals setting and offered some tips on how to compile a list (refer to Set 5 goals for your small business in 2023). This blog asks you to look back at last year with some interesting questions; your answers should help you solidify what you want to achieve this year. 

2022 was another tough year, and to be honest, 2023 may not be much better. However, no matter what happens, there are always peaks throughout the year so we think it's worth spending some time reflecting on the year that was and resetting for 2023.

What goals are you aiming for - both personally and professionally?

The aim of these questions is to two-fold. One, it's always good to take a breath, take stock and reflect upon the previous year - hindsight can be a wonderful thing. Two, you can reframe your focus to identify what you've learnt, where you've enjoyed success, and assess the possibilities for 2023.

You can’t predict what the year will bring, but you can be prepared.

These questions will help you evaluate 2022 and reset for 2023. Put your answers somewhere safe and revisit them at the end of the year.

Questions for you to ponder

We asked the owner of a digital marketing company to think about the following and here's the response. What would your answers be?

What are you most proud of from 2022?

Adaptability. Some of our clients needed to take a step back and re-evaluate the level of service they could afford. We supported them through that and continued to do so until they felt in a position to resume full social media marketing activities. 

What was your biggest learning?

That size doesn't matter! We took on the big guys and won a huge website build project. Already supporting the social media marketing for the UK branch of a global manufacturing company, we were invited to submit a new website design as well as migrate content over to the new site.

Our proposal beat much larger agencies on all counts: design, cost, ongoing support and reporting. A huge boost for us smaller businesses!

What is the most valuable thing you learned about yourself?

It's never too late to take on a new interest and blast it! I've discovered badminton and now having regular coaching. Absolutely loving it. 

Who were the most influential and supportive people for you?

My husband. 

What three things from the year are you most grateful for?

The good health of those closest to me, some amazing scuba diving and my dog getting over a back issue. 

What do you wish you’d done more of?

Scuba diving!

What do you wish you’d done less of?


What three words sum up the year for you?

Challenging, enjoyable, happy.

What skills could you better utilise this year?

Networking perhaps - difficult question this one. 

What areas should you stretch this year?


What will success look like to you in 2023?

Keeping the work/life balance in check but ensuring that clients are always 100% happy with the service they receive. 

Grab a coffee and complete the survey yourself

Taking a few minutes to consider the above questions may really help you focus on the direction you want your business to take this year. If you decide that you would like some extra support from us, your answers will give us some real insight into how we can help you achieve your goals. 

The Rowdens team is here to support you in any way we can. We can help you prepare for whatever 2023 may throw at us.

Even if you’re not sure, we can help you with the problems you’re facing or the challenges you may face. Get in touch, and if we can’t help, we’ll likely know the best person to refer you to.

No matter what 2023 brings us, we know it’ll be better if we work together to support our teams and communities.

Here’s to a successful 2023!

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