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The benefits of a mentor and why your accountant should be yours

Last October, an article published in Enterprise Nation (27 Oct 2022) highlighted a new report which uncovered demand for mentoring amongst the UK's small business community. 

According to Mentoring Matters, commissioned by Enterprise Nation, business support provider Newable and the Association of Business Mentors, and conducted by policy research firm PolicyDepartment, 82% of firms are saying they are now interested in being mentored.

A business mentor can provide guidance and support, helping firms make the right decisions and stay focused on the end goal as a business owner. They can also help business owners/entrepreneurs move forward in their career by providing advice and feedback on what steps to take to reach the pinnacle of success. Interestingly, the report found that younger business owners were more open to mentorship than those of an older generation.

So here's our question to you:
Have you ever thought of your accountant as a mentor?

The mirror image - why your accountant is the perfect mentor

Having someone who understands your business is incredibly important. You might see an accountant as someone who files your tax returns but, in fact, we’re experienced business owners too - with access to a significant network of other business professionals.

Adopting a mentor could be crucial to your survival as business. As many as 66% of businesses who were on a mentorship programme believed it helped them survive and 76% said it had been key to business growth. 

So why choose us? It's our belief that no-one knows a business better than an accountant,  perfectly placed to offer advice and guidance and help business owners hone their skills and capabilities.

As your business mentor, we can:

Expand your knowledge as an entrepreneur

As business owners, we have the knowledge and experience to help you move your business forward. For businesses like yours, there are specific areas that may cause concern. We can work with you to expand your leadership skills, business thinking and entrepreneurial ideas.

Be a shoulder to lean on

Running a business can be incredibly stressful. From the minute you first speak to us, the message will be very clear: we're good listeners, meticulous and dedicated. We will deliver exactly what you need and help with the business issues you may be encountering.

Guide the important elements of your business

We will help you manage and improve your business strategy, planning and decision-making skills. We will also provide the management information systems you need to guide your finances and planning.

Keep your finances on track

We offer year round advice and provide a reassuring voice on the end of the phone as and when you need to pick our brains. We will show you how to maximise profits, reduce costs, and make better financial decisions throughout the financial year.

We can also help you plan your own personal wealth and tax strategies, so you can achieve your entrepreneurial/lifestyle goals.

Introduce you to a broader business network

We work with many other business owners across a range of industries. This means we can link you with like-minded individuals. This can be vital when brainstorming and benchmarking, or if you need to talk to someone who understands the specific pain points you’re experiencing.

Interested in having a mentor?

Having someone to guide your business journey can be invaluable. A business owner must grow and evolve along with their business, and having regular mentoring catch-ups is the ideal way to progress, offload your concerns and look for new inspiration.

If you want to grow as an entrepreneur, please come and talk to us about our mentoring services and how we can guide your business future.

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