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Penny's Progress

For those of you that follow Penny Rowden's LinkedIn profile, you may already be aware that Penny is at home recuperating from knee replacement surgery. Having already been through the experience, Penny won't mind us saying that she wasn't looking forward to repeating it. However, we are delighted to report that this time around, everything went more smoothly and her consultant is pleased with her progress to date.

We've listed some of Penny's observations post-op and how cloud-based apps are simply game-changing (as we all discovered during the pandemic) when you're stuck at home and trying to play catch up.

Having the right tools - Dext and Xero

Being equipped with the right tools and having an in-depth knowledge of their capability allows us to focus on a client's business rather spend time in it, entering data. It's why the base of our core appstack, recommended to all clients (and used by us in our firm) is Dext and Xero. It enables us to get the data in and processed as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible.

Our 'icing on the cake' apps

There are a host of apps that we also use besides Dext and Xero. Depending on our clients' requirements, we have in our armoury: Satago, Crezco, GoCardless, A2X, Modulr, Lightspeed Commerce and a raft of others. On top of these more client focussed apps, we also use a range of apps to enable us to do our magic as accountants. These include specialist areas of Dext and Xero, Syft Analytics for reporting and GoProposal software for proposals. Two fantastic apps, The Gap and Clarity® help our clients plan for their future and develop their businesses in so many exciting ways.

Seamless, speedy and perfect!

Here's just one example where my life has been made so much easier as I recuperate on the sofa, my knee wrapped in ice and whizzing through our own bookkeeping. 

If you follow our Blogs from the Dog, you will know that Lyra, Head of Barketing is quite a demanding girl and shares many of her insights with Jonathan on their regular netwalking conflabs. Just as they prepare for another intense discussion on the latest tax advice, I nab the receipts that Jonathan has stashed in his wallet. I have my Capital on Tap credit card account in Xero so I open my laptop whilst submitting the receipts via my Dext phone app. 

Even before I've put my phone down, I have green matches waiting in that credit card account in Xero! It's just one click in Xero for each transaction to reconcile with the bank payment that had already imported automatically.

Bookkeeping done.

Paperwork in the shredder.

Time saved, job done

This is the power of the wonderful apps we have! No more typing stuff in, no more shelves full of lever arch files and storage space saved!

Keeping in touch

From purely a social aspect, we now have many cloud-based tools that makes life so much easier when you're dealing with a debilitating situation. Being able to keep abreast of what's going on in the office on a daily basis works two-fold: I'm not having to play catch up once I'm back to 100% fitness and the Rowdens' team can take comfort in knowing that I'm on hand to help with any issues. Those days of feeling frustrated and perhaps pushing the recuperation to hurry back to the office are long gone. It's good for our mental health and benefits everyone. 

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the apps we use and how they could help your business, please do get in touch.

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