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The utter joy of moving your bookkeeping from Sage Business Cloud Accounting to Xero!

Xero and Move My Books have just made a big announcement which will impact Sage Cloud users. It’s now possible to convert the data from the Sage Business Cloud Accounting package (formerly called Sage One) to Xero. Plus, Xero will pay for up to 2 years’ data to be converted.

Get qualified accountancy help

It’s been a long time coming but for unhappy Sage Cloud users, this conversion now enables you to move seamlessly to Xero. Start turning a chore into a pleasure!

I know that as an accountant, I would say this, but I really would recommend that you get some help here. Use a Xero qualified accountant or bookkeeper to help you make the transition and ensure that you get off to a great start with Xero. 

​There is cloud accounting and there is Xero cloud accounting!

We beta tested this conversion for Move My Books back in August and this ended 4 years of stress for a business owner and his staff who just could not get to grips with their Sage Cloud software. Even worse, it seemed their accountant was struggling too! 

Now on Xero, they say that everything is making sense. They’ve stopped worrying about making mistakes as they know they can easily find and rectify them and the bookkeeping takes them far less time. 

We’ve also introduced them to Receipt Bank which integrates with Xero saving them further time in processing their purchase invoices and, by attaching a picture of the invoice to the transaction, enables them to go paperless if they wish.

​Made a mistake? No worries with Xero

If nothing else, the outdated and tedious bank reconciliation in Sage Cloud would have me running for the hills! 

Why in this day and age, you would design software where you have to do a separate bank reconciliation and then cannot change a reconciled bank transaction - if there’s been a mistake - beats me. 

Xero’s fantastic bank reconciliation screen which matches, posts and reconciles in just one click is such a time saver. If you make a mistake, no worries, just click ‘Remove and Redo’. This pops the transaction back up on the bank screen and you can make any changes you wish. 

Xero is all about focussing on getting it right as easily as possible and not leaving an audit trail of errors which Sage still seems wedded to. 

Figures at your fingertips or wading through treacle? Your choice!

These questions must sound familiar if you’re using Sage Cloud:

  • If you are using Sage Cloud, do you feel like you need to double check everything before you post it? 
  • If you make a mistake, is it easy to rectify? 
  • Can you find what you’ve just done or is it like wading through treacle? 

Bookkeeping isn’t easy and that’s why a lot of business owners outsource it. Even if you don’t do the bookkeeping yourself, it really helps to have software that is very visual and gives you figures at your fingertips. 

We believe Xero does just that and for us, as Xero Gold Partners, we are so delighted that there is now another conversion process available to make the transition as easy as possible for those business owners wanting to make the change.

Thank you for reading.

Penny Rowden