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We make things simple for MJO Forestry

We've already covered in 2 blog articles why Xero works for small businesses. The first - 'What's so good about cloud accounting - Part 1' explained the pitfalls of desktop accounting software and Part 2 detailed a seamless and pain-free transition.

One of our more recent clients, MJO Forestry has been kind enough to document their move to us and explain in detail the benefits of Xero. 

A personal approach from Penny and Jonathan

In the words of Justine Paterson, Office Manager at MJO Forestry:

“We at MJO approached Rowdens just a few short months ago. We swapped to Rowdens seeking an accountancy firm with whom we could create a trusting and steady working relationship.

"Before we switched, Penny and Jonathan Rowden came to our wood yard to experience first-hand the nature of our business. Penny also spent time with us looking at the accounting system we were using (Sage One) and discussing the tasks we were carrying out on a day-to-day basis whilst Jonathan discussed personal tax needs with the director of our company. Penny even came back for a second visit to help reconcile our accounts at the end of the month whilst we were still on the old accounting system."

A stress-free conversion

We were able to offer a steering hand and guide MJO as they converted to Xero as Justine explains:

"The ‘limbo’ stage, in which we had left our previous accountants but were still waiting to convert to Xero, could have been an extremely stressful time had it not been for Penny’s expertise, advice and constant availability at the end of the phone. She was reassuring and kept everything in order until the conversion was finished.

"Before we switched, Rowdens promised we would be swapped to a quicker and simpler system (Xero and which Penny could not recommend enough! We were promised friendly, personal and approachable help for a much lower price than we had previously been paying. We were promised our payroll, VAT returns and various other tasks would be dealt with efficiently."

'We wish we had switched to Rowdens sooner!'

MJO is now enjoying the benefits of Xero and Receipt Bank and we're delighted to have been of help! As Justine summarises:

"Rowdens has delivered on everything and has gone above and beyond to settle us into this new (far less stressful) way of book keeping. 

"We are now recommending Xero, Receipt Bank and of course Rowdens to contractors that work with us. The stress we had about our payroll and VAT returns is a thing of the past. We are in regular contact with Rowdens to ensure our accounts are up to date and everything is being posted to the right place. 

"We at MJO would recommend Rowdens, in fact, we have already! We have only one regret… we wish we had switched to Rowdens sooner!”

Speak to us

If you've read this case study and are experiencing the same issues as MJO Forestry, why not get in touch and see how we can help. Please email or call 01243 776088.