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We've seen the benefits of winning with Xero

Small Firm of the Year award 2018

Chasing awards is not our focus at Rowdens. It has always been our firm belief that aiming for 100% customer satisfaction is a more powerful motivator and we're proud to boast that our client base has come via people hearing of the level of our service and attention to detail.

However, we were over the moon to be the recipients of Xero's Small Firm of the Year award last year; to be recognised for the work we do for each and every one of our clients. It's brought with it noticeable benefits and value.

Dependable and reliable

A recent blog published on the Xero website, 'Winning a Xero award means big business' by Damon Anderson discusses the impact on us and the other winners (Albert Goodman, winner of Large Firm of the Year and Blu Sky Chartered Accountants, winner of the Medium Firm of the Year). 

All 3 of us agreed that we have gained more credibility as a result and as Penny Rowden explains, "It has given us a great deal of additional credibility, particularly to new businesses who aren’t yet working with us. Even our existing clients were excited too!”

Dave Gibson, co-founder of Blu Sky Chartered Accountants believes it has enabled the company to attract higher calibre individuals, and render a certain kudos, and as the writer of the article elaborates, "Winning the award has helped Dave and his team ensure that they attract the best of the best."

We want to raise the bar still further

For the Rowdens' team, winning the Award was a huge morale boost which was a sentiment shared by the other winners. As Penny explains "Every one of us has a passion for the work we do and despite it being so many months on, we're all still smiling when we think back to last year. It has given us the impetus to raise the bar still higher this year!"

The finalists for this year's awards are chosen by a mix of leaders at Xero and industry experts and are announced on 12 November in time for Xerocon London 2019. We'll be there and will look forward to celebrating the next generation of winners!