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Xero - Small Business Valentine 2022

Why Xero Love is always best in a threesome (and divorce is not always a bad thing)

The best thing that our secret Small Business Valentine did when they joined us as a new client back in 2018, was to divorce Sage One and fall head over heels in love with Xero (and hopefully with us too)!

Their previous accountants had advised them to use Sage One and the team had pages of notes on using Sage One which they referred to every time they tried to do the bookkeeping. They were terrified in case they made a mistake and couldn’t correct it. Their stress levels were through the roof; they had no handle on their figures until their year end accounts were completed and they were feeling very unloved. Their accountants didn't really understand Sage One, themselves, so were very unhelpful if the client needed any help.

Clearly this was a relationship that had run its course and a new love interest was needed.

The transition to Xero

In our honeymoon period, we did the first beta Sage One conversion to Xero with Move My Books, sorted all the historical issues and we then held hands with the team until they were confident using Xero to do their bookkeeping. 

This was an email we received a short time later from their office administrator, "Thank you Penny. I can’t actually believe how simple it is! It does make perfect sense!" 

And the love story continues...

Nearly four years on and the love story continues. 

They keep Xero right up to date every day, (not the occasional last minute date night to keep the relationship from going stale) ask the right questions when needed and all in all, it is the perfect partnership. 

We had a memorable date working on their business plan and addressing some issues they were having in the business. Having up to date Xero information made their big day a great success. This transformed the way they were doing things and enabled them to renew their vows to make this a business that worked for them as well as defining some personal as well as business goals. 

Since then, their business has grown and our relationship has blossomed and we all look forward to celebrating our fourth anniversary this year. It's the perfect threesome, we are a match made in heaven and all three of us are ready to tackle whatever the future brings, together.

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